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The Collection Of Japan Movement

The collection ofJapanmovement


According to our watches production experience, so many clients likeJapanmovement very much.


There are some makers of Japanese movement, and the SEIKO and MIYOTA are selling more which occupy a big part of the market.


Different movement are used to different request and markets.


For promotional gift watches and low cost watches, SEIKO PC21 movement are widely applied.  Some rubber watches and alloy watches are often use PC21, also the PC21 movement are match with bothChinaandJapanbattery.


For high end quartz watches, MIYOTA 2035, 2025, 2115, OS11, 1M02GL30 etc. SEIKO VX43E, VX50E, VJ12C etc. are applied to stainless steel watches which are in very high quality. And these topJapanmovement are fit with Japanese battery, for example SONY SR626SW.



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