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Mechanical Movements

Guangzhou Pearl mechanical movements. Because structures are imitating the Japanese citizen mechanical movements, many buyers just referred to as "citizen" movement, play ball! Circle, commonly known as "one-off mechanical movements." This movement, mimicking a citizen movement, but did not succeed to its quality, it was relatively easy, it is difficult to fix. A cargo rarely used, commonly used in pariah.

Japan original two Lion brand mechanical movements. The movement are the two lions of Japan brand, shuangshi is one of Japan's early brand, has a long history. Logo is distinctive, two lions, should be somewhat impressed. A mechanical goods table: high-end mechanical watches with such movement, circle is also commonly known as the "two lions". This movement as a movement with a long history in Japan, and accurate, and errors are small, powerful.

2824 Swiss original mechanical movements. A cargo in mechanical watches: high-end mechanical watches with such movements. Switzerland in the original table, plum blossom and the nag mechanical watches are such movements, circles are also commonly known as "the yellow movement." This movement is the Swiss has a longer history of the movement, accurate, error is small, strong power.

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