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Mechanical Watches Can Be Handed Down By Eons Of Art?

Mechanical watches one of the valuable point is the fire of life, will never die. Mechanical table operation does not depend on unique technology. Mechanical watch repair. Some of the first generation of antique mechanical clocks produced in the 14th century, still keep running with the wheel of time, the normal operation of functions. The Bell Tower in St Mark's square in Venice has a history of more than 1000 years, but thousands of years precision swing!

Humanistic significance of the mechanical watch was extraordinarily better than quartz and digital watches, it is that it is the art of traditional watchmaking master, not only is the combination of parts and gear; its most complex design concepts, more tab master XING Huo's testimony. Mechanical watch is an expression of human dreams and hard work. Is the real proof of human creativity, unique invention. These confirm, witness the way most fathers to sons, generations heritage alive. From the quartz watch, mechanical watch is an art of living, the soul.


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