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Watch Industry

China is the world's largest producers of watches. China watch manufacturing and gradually shape the structure of cluster development of small and medium enterprises as the main body, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises to rapidly expand (70% per cent of total number of enterprises). The formation of Pearl River Delta in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Tianjin and other six major producing areas. Rise of mainly quartz and digital watches, China seized the opportunity and threat to Swiss luxury watch market, the Swiss Government had to come forward to set up the Swatch company producing electronic form against emerging Asian countries. China is also the producer of high imitation Swiss watches and micro-believed to be the main supplier of high table-like.

Watch industry in China in spite of considerable progress, but it also cannot ignore China's corporate and brand reputation in the international market and little influence, world 70% 30% world's production output. Problems of watch industry is obvious. Industrial transformation and lag behind the consumption structure upgrading structural contradiction of timepieces. Serious backlog of affordable products on the one hand, their capacity to produce a large amount of excess, on the other hand, adapt to the high consumption of insufficient effective supply, its high technology, good quality and high-end, brand-name products are still imported. Therefore, the watch industry, China needs to accelerate the pace of technological innovation, development of the core technologies and efforts to improve product quality and build domestic clocks products; making good adjustment of product structure, adapt to the market changes; pay special attention to staff development, introducing and cultivating talents and so on. To enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese industry in China.



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