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Sensitivity refers to the balance wheel of a watch automatically place flexibility. Inspection method is:

1) will no Shang had clockwork has stop walking of watches gently to shake about, with shake of power to observation seconds walking of situation: If seconds in is short time within on stop walking, is description this only watches Shang foot clockwork Hou can all go finished (that clockwork unable to moment), sensitivity high; if seconds long time continues to walking, is description this only watches Shang foot clockwork Hou cannot all go finished (that clockwork also store torque), sensitivity not high or table machine has fault.

2) will not go to watch stopped watch, turned his head slowly, observe the second hand starting: turn on the less, second hand description of the earlier higher sensitivity of the table; otherwise low sensitivity or table machine had other failures. But note that hand-shaking table by Yu Yousi stiffness than a conventional frequency (18,000 times/hour) confidential since last spring to set the table. High sensitivity watch, on the foot of continuation after a spring walk for a long time.



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