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Color Changing Watch Face

New Development of Timepieces

Radsen Industrial Co., Ltd. has devleoped a new arrival of unique and interesting watches that is color changing watch. 

The uique and amazing thing is the color changing watch face and strap. When the watch getting the sunlight ray, the color of watch on dial and strap turns from white to red, purple and blue. Currently, our development is available on red, purple and blue colors. Also, our raw-materials of oil for color changing is eco-friendly and environmental which is good for users who wear the color changing wrist watches.The raw-materials has been passed SGS test and is approved to be not hard to human beings. Making good friendly product is our basic principal of our factory.

  1. How can it color change?

We paint the color changing oil on the watch dial when process dial production and we ask our leather supplier to paint the oil on leather when making them. So the essential parts of the color changing timepieces are completed.

The most essential thing is ultraviolet ray from sunlight, which introduce the oil on the dial and strap to react to turn colors. When we are indoor, the color of watch remain stable at the original color. When we are outdoor wearing watches, the color of watch turns from white to red, purple and blue which is due to the ultraviolet ray. The stronger of sunlight, the color changes more evidently.

2. What does color changing watch be applied to?

  • Fashion watches for unisex

  • Promotional gift watches for marketing and branding. Gifts with color changing watch could impress customers most and help them to remind the products promoted by color changing watches. And the price is easy to access.

  • Minimalist watch. Minimalist watches are with white background. And color changing function could be applied to the minimalist watches' dial

3. Our advantage

We are OEM/ODM China watch factory, so we can offer pretty good price and control good quality.

We are very welcome customization and designs.

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