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Watches treatment

Method, the watches are water soaked, layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flannel sheets tightly enclosed, close to the 40-watt light bulbs approximately 15 cm, and bake for about 30 minutes, water vapor to water vapour tables. Don't watch table being near the fire roasted directly, so as to avoid placing thermal deformation on the table.

Method b, table Meng Chaonei, pan out and worn on the wrist, after two hours of moisture can be removed. If the water is very serious, it is best to immediately table shop grease, clear the movement of moisture, to avoid the parts rust.

Methods, using granular silica gel and has put it in an airtight container with water watch, after a few hours, remove the watch, water that is all but disappeared. This method is simple and economical, precision and life without any damage to the table. Has repeatedly after water absorption of silica gel, dry for several hours at 120 ℃, water absorption regeneration, and can be used repeatedly.



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