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Testing The Watch Swing Index

(A) the swing difference: Watch Man Xianhe really go under 24 hours later, two States, two planes were measured (under the surface and surface) and three vertical surfaces (on the bottom, left, and), five swing changes, compared with the position, take the biggest difference as a swing fall. Swing fall is time to watch an important indicator of performance, can have start and spring and their quality of design and Assembly, usually require that drop below 50 degrees.

(B) poor swing state: Watch in a State of full chords, watch compared to horizontal position and vertical position on the surface, the difference between the maximum value as a poor swing state. Poor swing state watch location error is an important indicator of performance, usually require the Commission to state error below 50 degrees.

(C) the 24-hour minimum swing façade: Watch in real walk 24 hours later, the vertical surface (usually the left) the minimum amplitude of 180 degrees. Watch high than with swing low swing when the performance is better, especially for the watch Calendar attachments, 24 hour state minimum swing requirements is particularly important.


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