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Promotional Gift Watch

Promotion is one of the marketing and branding methods mixing elements with personal selling, advertising, sales promotional, direct marketing and publicity. Promotion works have diverse objectives and targets, normally are sales increases, new product acceptance, new product presence, creation of brand equity, positing, competitive retaliations and create company images. Fundamentally, companies pay less to largely promote their products and brand and effectively take up the market share.


There are many ways for promotion work. The one is via media, post on news paper, TV and Internet. Many times promoters purchase incentives like discount and free gifts. And giving gifts is approved to be best way for promotion. Many world-class companies often give free gifts to its customers. And promotion budget is what the promotes mostly concern. So best price gift with better benefit is the promoters interest.


Timepieces is one of the most promotional gifts for brand and marketing. The price is cheap, the majority of promotional gift watches are under US$1.80. We wear watch and read time more than 5 times everyday. The frequency is higher than other promotion gifts than using USB storage, wear hat etc.. And brands and companies just put logo on watch face. When customers read time, they see the the brands more than 5 times everyday. And this make the better presence to clients and creates degree of familiarity.


How to design promotional gift watches. We have much experience in the designing. The most important one is put logo on watch face. Second, set watch dials color in customized color that is normally one brands and companies color. Also, design the whole watch at such color. For example, gift watches coca-cola are always in red color. This design method make the gift with product identical. If budget allow, design nice packaging box for gift. The box will be showed with information about promoters and their products.


Also, some promoters design and offer expensive gift watch to customers. The gift watch is elegant. This often could be seen in cosmetics, automobile shop etc.. The gift watches price is always at US$2.5--35.






The case is plastic and the strap is Eco-friendly silicone. Basing on SWATCH style is widely accept by customers as it is in fashion design. Swatch style promotional gift watch is always applied to kids products and fashion projects. It is the cheapest promotional gift watch.





Plastic case with Eco-friendly silicone strap. The whole watch could be designed in customized color to send best presence to target customers. ICE style gift watch with vintage concept is widely accepted in promotional work business.



For more promotional gift watch, please feel free write to info@radsenwatch.com and visit www.radsenwatch.com; RADSEN TEAM will offer suggestion.






COCA-COLA purchase more than 10000000pcs gift watch every year. ICE type vintage silicone watch is the what their hottest gift. The picture shows coca-cola gift watch project.





For automobile promoters, they always use high end watch. The stainless steel with Japanese movement. They have strong funds and allow to purchase expensive gifts.






There are many fashion cloth and cosmetics companies in the world. Fashion watch with their design is the best gift for their promotion work. Timepieces are also the accessories product of fashion. DW type NATO watch is the hottest fashion watch for fashion promotion.




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