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How to clean stainless steel watch band

How to clean stainless steel watch band?

Preparation: an old magazine, a clean wrap, an old toothbrush, and a detergent.

Operation process:

First, we put the plastic wrap and the magazines together and roll them together into cylinders, so that we can avoid wet books when cleaning the strap. Then put the watch on the rolled cylinder. Slowly enlarge the cylinder in a magazine and keep it completely open. The watch won't fall off. In this way, it is convenient to clean the surface for a while, and more importantly, after the strap is opened, the stain of the band gap can be cleaned.

The next step is to clean the band. First clean the surface of the band, then clean the stain in the slot. The gaps are so tightly connected that it is difficult to clean the dirty things inside. These gaps are now propped open by a roll of books, and the dirt can be washed to the inside. Then clean the back of the strap and clean the surface of the surface. Next, clean the stains in the crevices. Then the work is done. Finally, clean the strap with clean water.

All the work is done, and the rest is to dry the strap in a shady place.


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