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What is wooden skeleton watch?

What is wooden Skeleton Watch?


Wooden Skeleton watch is a mechanical watch made of wooden materials. Automatic mechanical movement is assembled into wooden watch case and the wooden caseback is set a transparent glass in the central where the movement can be seen. Radsen Watch is a professional watch manufacture specializing in assemble wooden skeleton watch.


In Skeleton watches, all the moving parts are visiable through the front and back the case. This can be allowed to be without watch face on watch or just with a small part of dial on watch, which users can see through the watch and see the movement moves and works. The tiny parts are metal bridge, plate, wheel train etc..


Skeleton watch is regarded as one of the art of automatic watch. There are many types of skeleton atumatic watchspecifics in the materials, such as stainless steel automatic skeleton watch, wooden skeleton watch, brass skeleton watch. And Japanese movement and Swiss movement for skeleton automatic are the top standard. CITIZEN MIYOTA 8N24 is often to be seen in mechanical skeleton watches.


To develop and produce skeleton watch, the watch developer should seek professional watch manufacture to assemble skeleton watch.




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