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what is water transfer printing hydrographic technology

What is Water Transfer Printing Hydrographic Technology

Water transfer printing is a method of applying a printed graphic to a three-dimensional object. Hydrodip-decorated movies offer a rich variety of hues and effects with any three-dimensional object suitable for painting on the surface. Style Options The paint and movie portfolio has been made from solid color, brushed aluminum, and a variety of designs including custom patterns, Kevlar and wood grain look. The unique, image-defining styling options provide the flexibility to create attractive decorative coatings that are dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

Developing ever-increasing demands to meet the rigorous demands of decorative protective coatings, Hydro-Dip cinema reflects our ongoing commitment to quality, service, innovation and the environment. Hydro-Dip movies can be applied to the most common shapes or substrates worldwide. The film's high elongation and dimensional stability provide excellent and consistent results in all directions.

Application: silicone watch, ABS watch case and band, alloy watch case and bracelet band etc..

Kid watch with better effect printing should be use water transfer printing technology.





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