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Watch Selection Methods
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Check the appearance

Skin from the case, sheet glass, dial, hands and other areas to check.


Sensitivity refers to the balance wheel in watches watch themselves "first step" of earlier rather than later. Check method a is will no Shang had clockwork stop walking of watches, gently shake about, with shake of power, observation seconds walking of situation; if seconds in is short time within on stop walking, description this only watches Shang foot clockwork Hou can all go pine, sensitivity than high; if seconds long time to continues to walking down, description this only watches Shang foot clockwork Hou cannot all go pine, sensitivity not high, or is internal parts has fault.


Normal watches, turning when you wind the stem on, first a little loose, gradually squeeze, when you cannot continue to turn forward shows Spring is fully tightened.


Between the hands and the table glass, three hands to each other, between the hands and dial, should maintain a certain amount of clearance, if mutually collision, will affect around.

The tightness of

This is to check the needle part of the mechanical installation are normal.

Moving sound

Watch has no abnormal noises while walking, can only judge watches have a special problem, not sure the watch is good or bad.