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Quartz Movement
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Domestic plastic quartz movement, price and quality are very low and extremely low power consumption, once broken it can throw. A cargo table are generally not used this kind of movement, and junk are these.

Disposable plastic imported from Japan quartz movement, circle, commonly known as "black movement", most of the sellers called it "Japan OS80 movement." This movement or not bad, you can last a long time, once moisture is broken or can't be repaired, threw away the only way only ... Quality relative to the domestic disposable plastic quartz movement, a little better. Fashion watch with such movement, rarely use this movement in a cargo table.

Japan 2035 quartz movement, domestic brand quartz watches the mid-range area with this movement. A cargo of middle and low quartz watch will also use this type of movement. this movement more power, as well as better quality, small maintenance costs. overall, higher price.

Japan 5y30 quartz movement, quartz watch domestic brands upscale area with this type of movement, such as Kings, Rossini. A cargo mid-range quartz watches will also use this type of movement. this movement power, good quality, generally not bad, maintenance cost.