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How To Adjust Stainless Steel Watch Strap
- Nov 08, 2017 -

How to adjust stainless steel watch strap?

Turn off the handle of the meter. Screw the thimble back to the edge.


Align the small card between the strap that you want to remove, screw the handle of the meter and place the small card pin.

3 the strap in the open table ware "grooved" (two card needle steel bolt head the head is a head of a plane crack a word a word is a screens so pointed needle from the butt end in not top from one end of a word)

According to the wrist resize to fit the length, then put the clock back to the opposite direction of the arrow, pack good strap But attention will be given to make sure the watch band with grain instead of by gong wire by nails or clip loads. The top of the mouth is OK! It takes less than a minute to complete the unopened band!


The thimble of the meter must be aligned with the strap, otherwise the meter will be damaged.

The meter can be screwed to the inside, otherwise it may cause the meter to be scrapped。

Use steps/methods 2

The watch band at the time of the watch is long. When you get a new watch, the first step is to adjust the length and size of the strap. The most commonly used tuner tool is the tuner, and the hammer. Here is how the meter is used: 1. Compare the watch chain direction. 2. Remove the watch nails. 3. Reload table nails.


Method 2

1. Compare the watch chain direction. Please carefully see clear before to strap down the strap on the back of the arrow, general hand chain on the down arrow is under big of small, bring the form into the groove of adjustable table, according to the aspects of the arrow, hand chain buckle nail Confucius direction.

Remove the watch nails. Unscrew the handle of the meter, put the strap into the gauge, and keep the steel needle of the meter at the point of the strap. Tighten it gently, and the steel needle of the strap will be pushed out. If the band is longer, it is recommended to remove the same number of nodes on both sides of the watch chain to ensure the balance of the watch.

3 reload table nails. After removing the strap to the appropriate wrist size, connect the broken two bands first, and then push the steel needle into or hit with the hammer in the second step. (note: when reassembling the strap, it is best to insert the steel needle in the opposite direction of the arrow, and it is an advanced one on the steel needle day, which will make it easier to load.)


Reshipment nail table, remove the strap to the right after the size of the wrist, first connect disconnected two strap, not in parts of the press the method of the steel in the second step or use a hammer