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what is quartz japan movement
- Sep 13, 2017 -

What is quartjapan movement?

Quartz Japan movement enjoy great reputation in the timepieces market. In this article, there will be a full introduction of how quartz movement works.

All watches movements need a regular moving object which is called an oscillator, to ensure that they keep the time to be stable. The watch based on the clockwork uses a physical lever, spring and gear to work together to rotate the clock hands run precisely on watch face.

Quartz movements do not need sophisticated object for watches. Their oscillators are not pendants or springs, instead, crystal used to this function on quartz movement. The crystal vibrates in response to a small charge continuously applied there to. 

The vibration of the crystal sends the pulse to the counter circuit and turns the watch hand to run. And they runs very precisely. Because there is no mechanical parts to ensure that the watch to keep time, quartz mechanical watches movement do not need to be wound.

According to observation, the Japan quartz movement runs very stable and precisely as well as less power consumption. There will be some introduction of quartz Japan movement in other news.