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Watch the belt maintenance
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Prevent contact with moisture and humidity to avoid discoloration of the belt and variants.

Prevent exposure to the Sun for extended periods in order to avoid fading of the belt.

Because of cortical penetration to prevent contact with oils or cosmetics.

Gold-plated layer is mostly on a gold-plated watch 14K gold, this gold contains 58.5% of pure gold, but also contains a number of silver. Silver and some volatile industrial emissions in the air after the reaction, will produce a black layer of silver sulfide on the surface membrane, so that the gold-plated watch lost Golden sheen. Therefore, wearing a gold-plated watch to avoid contact with chemical substances and gases, such as coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas and sulfur SOAP and so on, and keep the gold-plated watch is dry and clean. Best wipe clean with a cloth once a week. In addition, of chloride in sweat on the gold-plated watches are very corrosive, gold-plated watch should be wiped clean in a timely manner when stained with sweat, so the sweat wetting which watches lose their original luster.