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how to maintain silicone watches strap
- Oct 10, 2017 -
How to maintain silicone watches strap

1, To avoid exposure in the sun and stored in a moist environment, the hot summer to sweat, silicone strap, while waterproof, but wear for a period of time to use toothpaste wash, wash your best spray a thin layer of hot oil, it can decontamination and antistatic, also increase the luster of the silicone strap satiny.

2. After the watch is infected with dust and other substances, it can be used to save a small amount of detergent for cleaning the watch belt and dry with cotton cloth after rinsing with water.

3. The aging of the silica gel band is the biggest problem in the silicone band. When the silica gel band is aging, brush with a little soapy water on the toothbrush, brush the dirt quickly, and dry with a damp cloth.

4. The silicone strap suggested that under conditions permitting, there are two types of straps, which can be used alternately. Because the silicone strap also need to breath, ventilated environment can prolong the service life of strap and wearing different style of strap, can reduce the risk of human injury, also the user more fashion.

5. Silica gel band hardening is also a common symptom. If the silicone band is often in a humid environment, it will speed up its hardening speed. Therefore, in addition to daily maintenance, it is absolutely necessary not to twist it when the band is hardened and to replace the strap in time.