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Electronic watches to note
- Feb 15, 2017 -

Press the button to not overexert, so as to avoid failure; LCD panel using 5-7 need to get a new battery no power to remove in a timely manner, so as to avoid corrosion fluid movement. Found no lights, buttons, failure, time suddenly have large errors should be promptly repaired, probably component solder connection is bad or off. Electronic watches, especially digital watches, waterproof performance is poor. Although some in the manual or on the back cover is printed with "waterproof" words, and we should try to avoid contact with the water. Electronic structure and mechanical watches watches are different, all electronic circuits and electronic components, in case into the water, would be "catastrophic", so that the entire watch scrap. Especially LCD Panel and integrated lines, not just afraid of the water, is affected by the tide, time will fail. So, best to wash, laundry off the table. To prevent splashing rainwater when it rains. If you find digital watches into the water, or watch glass wall poly gas, should immediately repair shop in addition to water, moisture treatment.