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dial colour changing watches
- Sep 13, 2017 -

How does watch change color?


Our watch factory developed color changing wrist watches for fashion brands and promotional gifts. Color changing concept is interesting and unique which benefits to gift market which is for promotion, branding and marketing.


Radsen Watch is a professional supplier of color changing watches. And we are very welcome customized watches as we are an OEM/ODM manufacture.


The dial and strap of watch are handled for color changing before production. We purchase raw-materials of environmental sunlight ray sensing color changing oil. And our workers paint the oil on the white dial when process the production. And we ask PU leather supplier to paint the raw-materials of oil on the white color of leather. White color for background is essential which can guarantee the color changing effect and visual. Otherwise, the color changing makes no sense. Actually, the color changing oil raw-materials is ultraviolet ray sensing. The dial and strap get the ultraviolet ray, then the oil on the strap and dial react to turn colors to red, purple and blue. And this is what we see the final effect.Normally, we stay indoor, and the color changing function dones not work. When we are outdoor, the color changing works and works effectively under strong sunlight.


All the materials are made inChina, so the price is available.


Our oil raw-materials has obtained SGS test and gotten reports. SGS report as below. Also, our products meet EU standard and requirement.