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Men Watches

  • Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch
Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

  • Model No.: RDH040
  • Case: stainless steel
  • Movement: Jap
  • Strap: staineless steel
  • Product description: RADSEN - Professional stainless steel chronograph watch manufacturers and suppliers in China, also providing customized service. Welcome to import quality and delicate stainless steel chronograph watc

Stainless steel chronograph watch


Stainless steel chronograph watch is one of vintage men watches. The watch case and bracelet strap is made of stainless steel, whichs make the in high grade. The movement is Japanese movement from SEIKO and MIYOTA which are the top movement suppliers in the world. And guarantee the quality.

Item No. RDH040
Case stainless steel
Bracelet strap stainless steel
Movement Japanese movement
Size 42*22


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2.What is leading time?

Normally at 50days


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