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Stainless Steel Watches

  • Harris Tweed Watches
  • Harris Tweed Watches
  • Harris Tweed Watches
  • Harris Tweed Watches
Harris Tweed WatchesHarris Tweed WatchesHarris Tweed WatchesHarris Tweed Watches

Harris Tweed Watches

  • Item No. RDH038
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Movement: Japan movement
  • Strap: Harris Tweed
  • Product description: RADSEN - Professional harris tweed watches manufacturers and suppliers in China, also providing customized service. Welcome to import quality and delicate harris tweed watches from our factory here.

Harris Tweed Watches


Harris tweed watches are the watches with harris tweed srap which is made of harris tweed fabric. And our watch factory imports harris tweed fabric from UK where is the original place.Harris tweed watches are widely accepted by fashion watch brands and some fashion brands. 

Harris tweed fabric is made in UK and this is a pop fashion in the world. Many many accessories are made of harris tweed, such as harris tweed jacket, harris tweed cap, harris tweed purse,harris tweeds handbag etc.. And we develop tweed watch are for pop fashion brand for their accessories product range.

Item No. RDH038
Case Stainless steel 
strap harris tweed fabric
Movement Japanse or Swiss

UK harris tweed fabric is expensive than China fabric. And we have the alternative for the fabric materials and this is the tweed materials made in China and similar to UK harris tweed. UK tweed and China tweed are available to clients due to their budget. We are tweed watch factory, welcome clients inquiry and specifications on tweed watch.








All new fashion pop style of tweed watch.

Skilled factory produce harris tweed strap.

Imported Japanese movement to ensure watches quality

Harris tweed strap are widely appliacation for many watches.

Suitable for unisex

China tweed fabric are good alternative.

Harris tweed watch can applied to alloy watch.


1. What is your MOQ?


2. Can we make our own logo on watches?

Yes, normally we put logo watch face, backcase, and buckle.

3. Is it able to change to other colors?

Yes,  silver, black, gold, gun metal etc are available

4. Do you supply other packaging?

Yes, plastic box, paper box, tin box, gift box are available. Also welcom customer boxes

5. What is your delivery time?


6. What is your production capacity?

10000pcs per month