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Watch maintenance

Watch when the temperature 25~28℃, round the clock timing errors in less than one second, when the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Celsius and above, two seconds slower per night. When the temperature up to 60 ° c at the same time, LCD panels will turn black, when the temperature is below 0 c, liquid crystal panel display effect will be lost, so in winter, electronic watches can only be worn on the wrist, up to the temperature of the human body to maintain its normal time. In addition, the high temperature and the low temperature may cause battery leakage and corrosion of movement. Watch batteries are available for more than a year, but lighting power, turns on for one second the electricity consumption amounted to timed one hour or more. Almost end of the battery, the lights will Dim out, or digital display dims when you open or even disappear. When replacing the batteries, if they don't understand technology, should repair shop installed. And the battery specifications are not standardized, various grades of battery a lot and may not be used.



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