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Automatic mechanical movement

Automatic mechanical movement

A typical mechanical watch has a spiral. When people wind the watch, the spiral is also tightened at the same time. When the helix is released, it begins to move the movement.

The automatic mechanical movement is based on the general hand-dial linked list plus an automatic part: automatic tow and automatic wheel. The spring can be tightened by the automatic towing in any direction.

The automatic watch we sell is generally stopped when coming out of the cabinet. After you receive the watch, you first need to wind up the clock (rotate the handle 25 turns clockwise). After that, if you wear enough time every day, you can automatically The energy source is replenished with energy to make the automatic watch go.

Generally, a fully automatic watch should be worn on the hand for more than 8 hours a day to make up the spring energy, but it is not absolute. It is recommended to wear a watch on holidays, and the watch will not stop if it is constantly energized by the wearer. Nowadays, people who work in the office are common. Watches often stop. In addition to the movement, the wearer’s lack of exercise can not add enough energy to the clockwork. For this reason, you can use the hand to dial. The clockwork method is used to make up.

We advocate that the automatic watch should use the hand to wind up as much as possible. Because the hand is turned on the spring, the handle needs to drive many automatic wheels to rotate together, and the automatic parts are very easy to wear, which increases the unnecessary maintenance cost for the customer.

The allowable error range of the mechanical watch is ±30 sec/day. The average error of the movement certified by the Observatory ranges from -4 seconds to +6 seconds/day. The specific error depends on the movement used in the watch. The higher the price, the smaller the error. The power source of the automatic mechanical watch is the swing of the wrist of the wearer to generate energy to wind the spring. A fully-automatic mechanical watch can last for about 36 hours: if it is guaranteed to be worn every day, it can operate for about 15 hours, such as If you do not wear or swing less than the above time (the amount of exercise of the wearer is small), the watch will stop. Before you wear it, you should first wind the watch.




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