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PC21 quartz movement

PC21 quartz movement

The PC21 is the most commonly used quartz movement for precise time travel. The quartz movement is a type of electronic movement. The so-called electronic movement generally refers to a closed-loop circuit of a semiconductor crystal oscillator. The quartz movement represents a quartz crystal oscillator. The two forms are different, and in fact, the current electronic watch class in almost all occasions uses a quartz crystal oscillator, including the computer clock (that is, the kind of time that saves time, not the oscillation circuit of the chip such as CPU). Oscillator. At least the quartz oscillator is still very accurate. It looks like a capacitor, has a metal casing, and the oscillator is packaged inside. The quartz watch uses the signal of the quartz oscillator to drive the stepper motor to drive the gear and rotate the watch. The electronic watch usually amplifies the signal of the quartz oscillator and displays it through the LCD screen. The pc21 movement is a common three-needle plastic quartz movement produced by Japan Timemodule.



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