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How to choose automatic mechanical watch movement

How to choose automatic mechanical watch movement

Check the swing

The method is: gently take the table that relaxes the spring to the hand, slowly put it on the line, and at the same time look at the second hand, the second hand should be rotated at the beginning of the winding, otherwise it will not meet the standard.
Check the sound
After a few laps of winding, put the surface up and down, the head up, down, left, and right, listen to the frequency beats in all positions should be basically the same, after the clock is wound, the sound should be Crisp and no noise.
Needle test
The feeling of the needle should not be loose, but when the needle is reversed, it is normal for the second hand to stop or reverse.
Choose a style
In addition, it should also be noted that since the watch is used in the assembly and reconciliation inspection, it adopts “static debugging”. When it is worn on the hand, the movement of the arm will cause the dynamic error of the watch, which makes the travel time slower. In addition, the watch will be used for a long time. Getting slower. Therefore, a little more than a few seconds in "static debugging" is more appropriate.



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