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Watches Made Of Wood

About watches made of wood

The watch is a handyman who was born in Kiev in October 1968. Because of his family roots, he grew fond of wood and became a furniture maker in 1986. As the years went by, dannevic's skills became more and more exquisite, and he made a 3cm long, hairless guitar. In 2004, he started a business specializing in high-end furniture, wooden spiral staircases, and antique furniture repair.

Dnevic was not satisfied, and began to think about what wood could make. In 2005, he began experimenting with wood making watches, learning the basics of tabulating and wondering what kind of wood was suitable for clocks.

Mr. Dannevic first designed a floor clock, then made five experiments, summing up experience and finally making the first practical watch in 2008.

Today, dnevic has produced 14 watches, including wristwatches, pocket watches and necklace watches, all of which are made by hand.

According to the rare watch guide, danewicz used wood as birch because of its good strength, wear and tear, and sometimes foreign imported materials, including juniper and bamboo. Different materials endow the clock with different textures.

According to the daily mail on February 22, darnevic's clock was 20 hours away, with a daily error of no more than five minutes.

His latest work is a tourbillon man's watch, which has 154 handmade parts. Only a non wooden parts for metal spring, used to drive a pointer, other parts used materials taken from birch, apple, apricot, nut trees, bamboo, yellow poplar, sores and African mahogany wood.

Dnevic spent 1,800 hours to complete the man's watch in seven months. The price of the watch has not been announced. But his other tourbillon, valued at 100, 000 euros ($128.6 million) by experts at the international watch and jewelry exhibition in Basel, Switzerland.



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